A lot has changed in Toronto since December 10th and the original "Blow it up.... Seriously" thread:

  • The Raptors have gone 10-4.
  • They are no longer the 2nd worst team in the league; they are now tied for 8th worst in wins with 14 (and 2 wins away from 5th worst).
  • The playoffs no longer seem like a comment worthy of ridicule but they are still far from a possibility.
  • The style of play has done a total 180.
  • The youth are getting more minutes (exception is JV who is injured but was getting minutes all along).
  • Casey no longer leaves you saying "WTF!?!?!" after nearly every possession/sequence.

Just a quick refresher on what blow it up originally implied:

  1. fire management
  2. trade current veterans (Bargnani, Calderon, Kleiza, Amir) for worse contracts, like the worse of the worst in the league, for draft picks
  3. realize the current building process of the team is a giant FAIL and its ceiling is mediocrity if all goes according to plan.... for the love of sweet baby jesus the Raptors are the 2nd worst team in the league 21 games in!
  4. play the youth (DD, ED, TR, JV)
Despite the turnaround, I still think talent and management continue to be an issue. The Raps still lack all-star talent and Colangelo continues to prove his drafting prowess but the other areas of team building (trades and especially free agency) are sketchy at best. Also, again despite the turnaround, the Raptors have gone from nearly the worst of the worst to the best of the worst with the possibility of creeping up in to the nearly worst of the average.

I still believe the Raptors are ahead of the game if they went this route of taking on sh!t for prospects and picks. They already have 3-4 good young players. Another 2-3 drafts with multiple draft picks should do it. And if it does not, well, they'll be no worse off than they currently are: average at best.

The original poll had 69% advocating "Blow it up!". What do you think now?