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The game vs. Milwaukee today has only solidified my belief that the Raps need to up the talent in Toronto.

From the posters here to listening to Jack Armstrong (who I really like by the way) rip Lowry a new one, I came to a realization.

There is no doubt Calderon makes others on the roster around him better. If we are talking pure point guard, there is no question Lowry is not even in the same league as Calderon. But when we are talking PLAYER, there is no question Calderon is not even in the same league as Lowry.

That is the problem in Toronto right now. The team has too many guys who need someone else to make them better. In other words, there is not enough TALENT. Toronto only has one player who can dominate a game night in and night out - and that person, like it or not, is Lowry. Unfortunately, Lowry can't go out and play his game because the rest of the team needs to be spoon fed to get theirs. Outside of Lowry, no one on the Raps can create their own shot within the flow of the game or put the ball in the hoop without running off 3-4 screens or rolling after a screen and receiving a pinpoint pass. That right there is the TALENT issue that continues to plague Toronto.

The Raptors continue to be a team that is comprised of solid pieces but lack the real TALENT needed to compete with the best.

..... And the search for that elusive star wing continues.
Totally agree. Yet another reason why Gay changes things dramatically. His skill set hasn't been seen in these parts since the Carter days...