I don't know about you guys but lately, I cant help but feel underwhelmed by the dunks that derozan has been putting down. I don't know if its because I'm comparing him to the athletic monsta that is Tross (which really shouldnt be a problem considering I read a post a couple weeks ago where most of us, myself included, agreed that derozan is "more talented" as a dunker than ross) but the other day during the bobcats game he got a steal and a fast break and put down what was in my opinion the most boring two handed dunk he could think of. Now im sorry but when I see stuff like that i cant help but think back to the night we drafted him and the tweet he wasted no time posting claiming that "air canada is back." Now who knows, maybe he was referring to the airline's increase in stock market value, but personally I thought he meant that we were in for a few years of jaw-dropping highlights. Dont get me wrong, its not to say that derozan hasnt made his fair share of espn highlights over the years (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MClaYOFGHCs) but i feel like since he got the contract he hasnt been as concerned with pleasing the ACC crowd as he used to be. Hey maybe Im reading too much into this.. but i think jack armstrong agreed with me when he said "enh he couldve done better than that." And jeez when Tross put down that insane tomahawk and jack said "Demar derozan! THATS what im talking about!" I almost spilt my drink cause I was laughing so hard. Basically what im trying to say is, i think derozan needs to get back to his pre-contract athletic antics that got him favoured by reggie miller to win the dunk contest a couple years back. What do you guys think?