They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and I say if our GM isn't smart enough to put a winning team together himself then he should imitate what other teams have done to find success. I'm currently on the band wagon with what Houston has done in putting Harden and Lin together. Houston has done (imo) and excellent job of recognizing that you have to have elite level player(s) to build around in order for success in the NBA. They did their best to try and attract Bosh, Melo and Dwight, and when that didn't work they put together a nice package for Harden and put a young and upcoming PG in Lin next to him.

It's time for BC to recognize that we have a roster full of capable parts, but not a single elite level player among them. He needs to take a look at the NBA landscape and find his Harden/Lin combination to build around and make a strong move towards acquiring those players. I'll go ahead and say that I would be happy with an Eric Bledsoe/Rudy Gay combination in our starting line up next season. If we can keep JV in the process then great, but I'm fine with giving up some of our young talent as well as future draft picks for those two.