Hypothesis: We are one piece away from numerous post season appearances

Having numerous opportunities to see Ed Davis and Amir Johnson together has made it obvious
that they both deserve a future with the Raptors. When you add in Jonas Valanciunas to the mix
you now get the most active, solid, rebounding, hustling, defensively minded, PnR effecient, 80% free throw shooting, still developing bigs in the NBA

I believe I have written this or something similar before but it is not out of the question to have the three of them playing 30+ minutes a night, each averaging close to a double double per night.

Ed Davis as a starter this season (nowhere near his prime) 12.5pts 7.5 rebs 1blks
Amir Johnson as a starter this season (near or at prime) 18.3pts 10.8 rebs 1blk
Jonas Valanciunas (stats adjusted to 30 minutes) (nowhere near his prime) 10.5pts 7.5rebs 2blks

DeMar DeRozan playing small forward with Terrence Ross starting at SG
and Landry Fields splitting time off the bench will be just fine. Landry needs to heal and get the summer off
to really get that shot fixed. Terrence just needs to develop, but his prowess on the defensive end will keep him on the floor.

Jose Calderon is earning the right to stick around. 12.4ppg and 10.2 assists with a 5 to 1 assist to turnover ratio. I say we keep him. Or trade for someone like him. The way this team is constructed requires a floor general like Jose.

In an 8 man rotation Lowry is the odd man out. I love his game, I love him. He genuinely looks like he is trying to slow down his game and become a facilitator. I applaud him for trying to change his game in order to allow the team to win. However, he is at his best when he is attacking getting up in peoples grill, and coming off a screen and drilling a three with that cocky swagger. The man has lost his mojo.

The catch.

If Lowry figures it out great we keep and Jose is a great trade chip.

If Lowry doesn't figure it out great he is a starting PG capable of big numbers that would fit great on a team that has a wing facilitator and is a high value low cost trade chip.

I guess what I am really saying guys is we don't need a Rudy Gay. We just need some time to let this rebuild play out. An 18 million dollar quick fix is not a long term solution, and he doesn't fit this team as he provides NOTHING that DeRozan can't on won't in the very near future.