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Derozan is what he is. He's a replacement level player who does a few things pretty well while having some major holes in his game. Despite all the talk of improvement, his numbers this year, so far, pretty much mirror his production the last two seasons. Yes, he's shooting the ball slightly better this season than last (up from ~50 TS% to ~ 51 TS%), rebounding the ball at a better rate and has fewer turnovers but there are no significant increases in productivity. I don't have time to dig out all the isolated defensive stats but it's pretty clear from the box score stats that the overall impact of his game is no greater than last season.

People keep talking about how young he is but we know that historically players pretty much are what they are when they come into the NBA and, certainly, after 3 seasons. This is it. Just like with Bargs, you knew what you had after the first two seasons. Yet, you still had people, EVEN THIS OFFSEASON, talking about it being a breakout year for Bargs. It's ridiculous.

I have nothing against Derozan and I think he'd be a decent guy second or third guy off the bench but he's not a core piece of a successful team. I mean, he's been a core guy for the last three years and the record is what it is.
+1. Raps fans had similar love/hate/hope expectations for Mo Pete, but he ended up being just another average NBA player - easily replaced by Anthony Parker. The only difference is that Mo Pete was never gifted the minutes, shots and most importantly, the money that DD has.