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Thread: back to my question at the start of the season

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    btw, forget about tanking for wiggins because I heard he's already been promised to the bobcats.
    "the raptors were my fav team growing up"-kevin durant

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    Quote knickz wrote: View Post
    1. trade jose
    2. trade bargs
    3.acquire a legit sf

    4. amnesty kleiza
    5. maybe should look to acquire another centre because imo val simply isn't ready yet
    6.acquire a player like jr smit/crawford for a bench role
    7.acquire eric bledsoe. clips might not trade because cp3 might take his talents to dallas
    Brilliant! Why didn't anyone else think of this?

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    I'm satisfied. The team since the early season slump we've seen a higher winning percentage than in the recent past with the same players plus some rookies and Lowry. Oftentimes we see last year's typical starting lineup on the floor together, doing better than they did last season. The rookies are fitting in nicely and the team is generally very competitive with even the good teams. And the best thing is the offense has really come around. That was the big problem last year. Casey said he ignored offense to focus on defense. And I believe he promised to bring the offense up to snuff this year. And he has. Next year he will hopefully combine them together more. He likes athletic players and BC is getting him some. Positive development is happening right before our eyes, but a lot of people can't see the forest for the trees. Seems every game causes people to declare a new theory of who or what is the problem. How big a jump from last season did you expect with three rookies, an "enigmatic" leading scorer and a culture of losing? Patience people. Stay positive. Things could look a lot worse right now.

    It's true we're beating fewer of the good teams this year. Perhaps those teams, being good ones, don't underestimate the Raptors anymore like they might have last season. (Triano's legacy?)

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