Good or bad I just want to credit the Glove for this thread idea. This thought popped up after reading his thread about J-Smoove's suspension.

I remember reading an article somewhere and the writer said that the Raptors have a history of bringing in only good character guys, and that a team as short on talent as the Raptors are sometimes need to take a chance on a talented player that may have a bit of a checkered past.

Melo and Z-Bo are examples of players whom might not be considered the best character guys in the league, but their talent is undeniable and they are the best players on their respective teams. And frankly their fans seem to cheer just as loudly for them as they would for Steve Novak or Rudy Gay...perhaps even louder since they carry and heir of superiority about them.

To a lesser extent when Houston was shopping Lowry around and Toronto started coming up as a possible suiter many people including myself were quick to hesitate over bringing in a guy whom had problems with his coach. But when healthy Lowry is dynamite and has been nothing but supportive of this team. I'm a bigger fan of his than I was prior to the trade and he's right up there as one of my currentl favorite Raptors.

My opinion is that I'm cheering for my team to win and not cheering about how great their character is. Thoughts?