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Lowry's PER is higher than Jose's but the difference is not particularly wide and both are well above average. Calderon's win shares are actually higher than KL's, albeit lower on a per 48 minute basis. Once you get into the metrics that account for Jose's defense... they actually show that Calderon has been a better defender this season than Lowry (Lowry's opponent PER = 19.3 Calderon opponent PER = 15.2). Most of the +/- numbers that I have come across also show that Calderon is doing better in that regard than Lowry this season.
Are the stats from this season only? Would that be accurate considering Lowry's played only half the season and limited minutes in some nights? And the fact that he was mostly injured the past year and hasnt even played a full month? Could it also be that Calderon has been accustomed to the same system for almost three years while Lowry had only training camp and a handful of games this season to get his game accustomed to the Raptors offensive and defensive schemes?

Im not being sarcastic but i actually want to know if these factors could possibly influence the PER