According to BC ... no mask, no play for Hedo. I really hope this doesn't drag into some pointless drama now. He better be back playing this Sunday.

The Raptors have invested US$53-million in Turkoglu, and part of the contract that the small forward signed states that he is subject to the professional opinions of the Raptors' medical staff.

In this case, that means wearing a mask for six weeks. In club president and general manager Bryan Colangelo's words, unless the medical staff's opinion changes today, it will be "mandatory" for Turkoglu to sport a mask.

"It's pretty simple: He's going to have to wear the mask," Colangelo said. "If the doctors are saying it's to protect him from further damage, possibly impaired vision, there's too much at stake."

At one point during his session with the media, Turkoglu said he would sign a waiver clearing the Raptors of any responsibility should he suffer another injury.

"There's no such waiver that would exist," Colangelo said.

Colangelo said he planned to talk about the situation further with Turkoglu and the medical staff today. However, without a change in recommendation, Turkoglu will not be allowed to play without a mask.
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