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But my problem with him is not just his offensive game. DeRozan's overall game is just ridiculously bad. For a guy his size he should be getting more than 4 rebounds/game. Tonight he got 4 in 40mins. Last night he had 2 in 34 mins.

Defensively, he's horrible. The guy couldn't even guard Marco fucking Belinelli. The foul that he committed on Marco tonight was just a bonehead play. There's no reason to be up in a guy's grill 4 feet behind the 3 point line, with no foul to give.
Weren't you just praising Demar like a week ago, or so? You were all over his improving play, now you have a tone that we need to trade him...

Look, I'm just as upset as you are in terms of his play recently, but it's not like he's a garbage, D-League player. He's a capable starter on any of the 30 teams in the league. Also, do know that end of December to end of January is where he struggles. The wear and tear basically. Guy playing +35 minutes a night CONSISTENTLY. Demar is very well conditioned, but it's hard not feeling the grind on your body.