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atleast give derozan a chance to prove to you he can play with lowry, he did at the beggining of the season before lowry got banged up, they were averaging like 45-50 pts a game!
I'm not convinced this is the case. DeRozan had two good games out of 3.5 before Lowry got injured. (Just 10 points in the opener, then 20+ in the next two, then 8 in the fourth game where Lowry got injured in the second half). Given that DeRozan has been inconsistent throughout his career, it's hard to say whether this was a brief glimpse of potent chemistry, or just DeRozan getting hot for a couple games.

I do, however, 100% agree that we should at least be seeing these two starting together so that we can answer definitively whether playing with Lowry can make DeRozan a better (and more importantly, consistent) player.