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Impact Players Most Likely To Be Moved
(Ranked from most likely to least likely to be traded)

1. Josh Smith, F, Hawks
Smith has been on the trade block for several years, but the Hawks always pull back at the last second. Once again Smith is the talk of the NBA after he was thrown out of practice Tuesday and suspended for Wednesday's game against Brooklyn. His agent says Smith is frustrated, but hasn't demanded a trade.

The Hawks have been fielding calls, but have been reluctant to trade him because they believe Smith's presence in Atlanta could be a powerful lure for Dwight Howard this summer. But with Howard's situation up in the air, the time seems right for the Hawks and Smith to move on. Dallas, Houston, Boston, Milwaukee, Toronto and the Lakers are all potential suitors. The biggest question is: What is the price tag for a mercurial forward who is entering his prime and will be a free agent this summer?
Toronto Raptors
Jose Calderon and Ed Davis to Atlanta; Smith to Toronto.

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If the Raptors were willing to offer a package of Calderon (expiring) and Davis for Rudy Gay, as our Marc Stein reported last week, would they do the same for Smith? That would have to tempt the Hawks, who would get a young power forward coming into his own without affecting their cap situation much going forward. But Toronto would probably consider that too much to give up for a player who might bolt for a warmer locale.
Team needs top end talent. If a know surly player like Lowry can buy in and even be seen fanning calderon after he dropped back to back 3's who to say Josh won't. There's the issue that he might bolt, and he probably will, but lets worry about that when it happens. The league is playing smaller and smaller, and he's the type of player that'd actually fit in really nicely, especially with Val.

I've long been in the "just say no to Josh" boat but facts are facts and the raps need a serious talent infusion. This is one of our best ways of doing so.

Worst case scenario he walks, which only leads to us having 13 mil to play with.