I love the Raps.

Last night, my wife sat down to watch the game with me from the second quarter on. By the middle of the third quarter, it started: "What was that?" "How did that happen?" "Why would they do that?" "What is happening?" "Is it tied?" "Why is that guy playing?" "Didn't they just call a timeout to set up a play?" "Where is the guy who can shoot?" "Did they just run into each other?" "Why can't they get it inbounds?" "I can't watch this anymore." "How can you still watch this?" "How can anyone watch this?" "Does this happen all the time?"

And I realized two things:

- I simply can't let my kids cheer for the Raptors. There is no reason any innocent should have to suffer cause of my curse.

- I used to ask all these questions, too. And get mad. And throw nerf balls at the tv. And curse out coaches, etc. Now, I have no reaction at all. No joy or anger. No feelings at all if they win or lose. I don't even laugh at them anymore. The Raptors have broken me. Well played MLSE. Well played.