People are going to be going for Lowry's head for playing "Hero Ball" after this game. Well im going to come to his defense. How many more times are the starters going to put him in that situation? This is like the third straight time that the starters have either blown a lead or just gotten blown out in the third. They than put Lowry in the position where he has to save the day. Calderon comes out and lays a goose egg than Lowry comes in and get us back in the game. He than has to play the rest of the game without a break. It's not fair to Lowry. Can we just knock the BS off and just START HIM! We gave up a lottery pick for a starter! Not a reserve. If he needs to learn to play with the starters than just let him learn. The season is already lost. What else do we have to lose?

There im done venting!