This past week has been hard on most Raptor fans. Games against Milwaukee, Chicago and Philadelphia should have been wins. Many comments on this site suggest blowing the team up; while others say give the team time to develop.
Injuries have hurt but have also hurt many NBA teams who still maintain winning records. The team appears to be playing hard but always falter in the end.
Some folks are hard on Bargnani suggesting that the team is better without him. Calderon gets hot like he always does thus making a decision to move him difficult. DeRozan is resigned for 4 years without truly knowing whether he is the real deal. Fields has a ridiculous contract. Lowry has 1 year left after this one. Valanciunas is a prospect but should not be starting.

Honestly if the Raptors had won a majority of the games in which they blew big leads or lost in OT or were deprived by NBA refs we would be pretty happy with their record. However at this stage things do not look good for the playoffs or at least fighting for a playoff berth. No 1st round pick in 2013. So we are essentially left going forward with what we have except for the expiring contract of Calderon.

What is this team lacking? Toughness,size, veteran leadership, and talent??? I see players from other teams that may be available and would help the Raptors. Gay,T.Evans, Cousins ???, J.Smith, Gasol, Orlando Magic (everybody).
We need to hit a home run in terms of a blockbuster deal.
Is anyone on the Raptors roster truly indispensable for the right trade ?