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That's what I get for replyin on my phone. Anyway, Jose is in his 30's and though he's a class act and overall good guy, he just doesn't fit. Even if we lose more games after he's gone, we would have assets and potentially picks back from him.

The team is actually not built too bad. What I think it's missing is a tough minded leader who doesn't let 19 point losses disappear. He puts his foot on their throat when they're down. We have nice pieces but we are still missing a key ingredient.
I agree with you about needing toughness. We do have toughness in AA and he's the last man on our roster...go figure?
As for Calderon I disagree. I think he fits as good as anyone and I see Lowry as the guy who doesn't fit. The ball moves well through Jose and he's a perfect fit to teach the game to our youth. Even if we do trade him we won't get much in return. Better to extend him and trade him later...say in about 3 years after he teaches a younger back-up the finer points of the position. I like the trajectory we are on now. Continue developing the young's and scoop up a top free agent in the next couple years. MLSE broke the bank for the Blue Jays...hopefully the Raptors will be as lucky!!!