I've always been a big supporter of Ed ever since he fell to us at 13. Since day one his shown the potential to be a legit double double guy. His had so many setback in his young career, with this year being his first training camp. I think his proved that his a starting PF in this league. His your old fashion PF though. His not flashy or sexy but he gets it done. He rebounds and protects the rim. With an expanding offensive game. With a league disappearing of legit big man I think Ed is a keeper. That's why it upsets me hearing his name in trade talk. I think it would a big mistake to let him go. Don't get me wrong I don't except him to be a superstars but, I see his ceiling Al Horford. Not a superstar but, a player that can help you win games.

Stats this season

As Starting Foward 48 min pace 19 .553FG .630FT 11.5(3.3 Off)Rebs 2.7Ast 1.4Blk 1.0Stl 3.8PF 2.1TO 19.0Pts

As Starting Foward 19 31.7mins .553FG .630Ft 7.6(2.2 Off)Rebs 1.8Ast 0.9Blk 0.6Stl 2.5Ft 1.4TO 12.6Pts

Hollingers thoughts before the season

Scouting report
+ Long, slim lefty who can leap. Excellent finisher, shot-blocker and rebounder.
+ Good at short flips near basket but can't create own shot. Turnover-prone.
+ No post game and jumper a question mark. Lack of strength a major problem on D.

I think it's fair to call this past season a setback. Davis had a fairly productive rookie year built mostly on an unusually high field goal percentage, but that mark predictably fell back to earth and he didn't offset it with any other improvements.

If anything, he backslid. Davis is long and can jump but badly needs to hit the weights, as he was absolutely thrashed physically by most opposing big men. Despite the abuse, he had an excellent rebound rate, ranking ninth among power forwards, and was 11th at the position in blocks.

This would be fine if he could play the 4 offensively, but he can't. Davis is a 5 in a 4's body, as he can only finish around the rim and can't create anything for himself. Over his two pro seasons, he's made 31.5 percent from beyond 10 feet, which doesn't cut it. He's great at the basket (75 percent last season), and very good on short-range hooks and flips (50.3 percent career from 3 to 9 feet), plus he draws fouls.

Unfortunately, his sky-high turnover ratio (61st out of 70 power forwards) blunts those positives, and he just doesn't get open enough to take advantage of his finishing skills -- Davis averaged only 10.8 points per 40 minutes last season. He is only 23 and still has time to improve, but right now he's a "4.5" who doesn't quite fit at either frontcourt slot.