Here is a trade proposal that I think works for both teams. I think losing Derozan is the only semi questionable part of it but I personally think in 2-3 years Ross will be better. I am not overly thrilled giving Demar 10 million a year after this season.

Bargnani 10.0 million 3 years
Derozan 3.3 million 5 years (10 mil per after this year)
Kleiza 4.6 million 2 years


Maggette 10.9 million 1 year
Villanueva 8.1 million 2 years
English .5 million 2 years

For Toronto it give us big cap space after this season. Calderon and Maggette both off the books saves 20.9 million after this year. The year after we would have Villanueva and Lowry off the books for 14.5 million. We could pick and choose what pg we want long term and possibly go after another big name free agent in the next 2 seasons. We still keep a bulk of young talent (Johnson, Davis, Fields, Valanciunas, Ross). This year it gives us a lineup of:


For Detroit it would give them a nice big rotation featuring Monroe, Drummond, Bargnani. Bargs would come off the cap before Drummond needs to be resigned so not a lot of risk in the contract. I don't believe Stuckey is Detroits long term answer at the 2 but Demar could be and would be a nice improvement in there starting 5. Demar would be the real selling point for Detroit and the reason they would make this deal. Kleiza is coming off the cap in 2 years and Detroit will not be a big player in this years free agency anyways. They could field:


I think its win win for both teams. We save cap space and Detroit adds a key piece for there long term plan in Derozan. With 2 big bangers at center in Monroe / Drummond actually Bargnani may be a very underrated piece for them too. The trade does work in NBA Trade Machine. WHat do you guys think?