Man, I was watching the game with my girlfriend, who doesn't really like watching Basketball. I told her about the situation with Nash and the offer and everything else that went on over the summer trying to get him to play for Toronto. She said that he has a right to play where ever he so chooses, which I agree with. However, as a Canadian and a Raps fan, I thought it would be great for him to finish his great career in CANADA.

However, when the game started, and Nash was introduced, she was like, " Wow, they must really like him." As the game went on, and every Lakers basket made and the fans cheered, she was so confused she asked why they are cheering for the Lakers if the game is being played in Toronto? That to me folks was the million dollar question.

My hats goes out to each and every Raps player who played, for playing their hearts out and leaving it all on the floor. It can't be good playing in your own arena, where your fans are suppose to give you energy only to hear it going towards the other team. Shame, Shame, Shame on you for cheering against your own team. That should worry MLSE for sure. It worried me!