I just want to start by saying, I think colangelo has done a piss poor job, of assembling a group of players that can play winning basketball and develop some chemistry together. We have talented players (not being a homer), but what the hell is the point if they can't play together as a group and build chemistry with each other. It goes back to his botched attempt at signing nash, and spending alot of assets in surrounding nash with a group of players that he can play with.

my interest as a fan of this club is seriously waning.

my solution.

we keep calderon a little longer because

a) he fits better with MOST of our young talent (ross,davis,valanciuas, FIELDS)
b) appease the fans with his stable (albeit unspectacular) play.
c) focus on turning all of our other assets into a star, andrew wiggins.

the next 2 years are going to be like this:

jose calderon (resigned)
terrence ross
landry fields
Ed davis
Jonas Valanciunas.

it is going to be fun watching these players (who's style of play fit well with the skills calderon has to offer)develop no doubt,considering players like ross and valanciunas getting better I think we could be a fringe playoff team with that group next year.

EVERYONE else, kyle lowry, demar derozan, andrea bargnani, need to in some form or another turned into 2014 lottery picks, so we can get andrew wiggins.I don't for a second think these players don't have value, I think they are some of the most talented players on the team. And that they are desirable by other teams.

Im not a fucking GM, I can't lay out exact trades to show you how we get wiggins, especially since there is so much variability on who is going to suck, and I don't nearly know enought about the other teams to comment. I'm just setting a general plan of action and am wondering if anyone agrees or not. thoughts?