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Any plan centered on the pursuit of a particular player as the pick, 2 drafts away, is foolhardy in so many ways, it's not funny. I'll mention a few:

1. In the world of sport, serious injuries happen all the time (see Oden, Roy, now Love for recent examples), so there's no way one even knows if the kid will be even useful 1.5 years from now.
2. What do you do with the guys you propose to keep on the team? Tell them they have to tank next year? Tank better than anybody else, to "hope" to get a 24% lottery chance, which rarely plays out, at a player that may not even be available? Seriously, what kind of impression do you think JV and Ross would have of the organization if they're told to give an entire year of their career (which could be shorter than planned) to have a lottery's chance in hell to snag a particular player? They'd want out of town so fast.......
3. Since 2014 is supposed to be a very deep draft, which teams that are likely to have a high draft pick do you think you can entice to giving it up without including either JV or Ross in the deal? My money is on NONE.
4. What kind of support do you think you're going to get from the fanbase that pay for tickets, when you blow up a re-build half way through it, and tank like crazy to hope you win the lottery that seldom goes to the worst team (it's called a lottery for good reason). Want to follow the Seattle model and tank enough to lose the team to another city after MAYBE (odds are against) getting that franchise player?
Exactly what I was about to write. It is sooo stupid to build your future on if and whens and especially on what you expect people will want and that all the percentages will go your way. All the Wiggins talk is just crazy. I'd love him in a Raptors uniform, but expecting that it'll happen in the future is making a fool of yourself.