Honestly, now that we are at the half way point of the schedule with a record of 15-26, this team could easily be above .500.

When you factor in the recent breakdowns in Milwaukee, Chicago & Philly as well as the fact the Raptors blew at least 3 games in the 4-19 start , the team would be sporting a record of 21-20.

This team has potential if it continues to play hard every game. Trade talk is cheap. I like the Bargnani I saw at the beginning of last year... not so much the one I saw at the beginning of this year.

We need the Bargnani that we saw at the beginning of last year. He would make this team so much stronger. As for Calderon, resign to a reduced contract. He deserves at least that.

We should only trade if we are going to bring in a A level player that will immediately improve our team. Please no trading for draft picks. We are too young as it is.