A few quick thoughts:

- At a first glance, one would think the Raptors are better than their record indicates because they are one of the most snakebitten teams when it comes to injury in the league.

- However, one of those injuries was to Bargnani, which cleared space for better players and actually improved the team.

- Then again, lack of continuity is a negative, and I suspect this has impacted the team up front (JV), at the wings (LF), and the point (KL and JC).

So overall, I suspect the record of the Raptors is roughly reflective of where they should be, or underperforming slightly: the worst average team, or the best bad team. Certainly ahead of train wrecks like the pre-Wall Wizards, but Milwaukee is just a better team top to bottom right now.

In a weird way, the Raptors have hope, however: some of the Raptors problems vanish in the next two years by standing around and doing nothing even without draft picks, so long as they don't re-sign overpriced players to overpriced contracts as those contracts expire.