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Thread: If NOH can change name to Pelicans, Toronto should change our name to HUSKIES

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    Default If NOH can change name to Pelicans, Toronto should change our name to HUSKIES

    Do IT, do IT now!!!

    Before MLSE or the new Owners and BC can make any stupid trade or any excuse for a losing season, can they at least change our name and logo to the Huskies?

    The Dinos theme is extinct, and even though Jurassic Park 4 is announced for 2014 summer, the Dino gimmick is over and keeps failing since our last playoff exit with Bosh. Perhaps a new team name can change the direction of the team as well.

    Even if Minnesota already took the Timberwolves as a dog-related name, Toronto Huskies brings a certain practicality back into the city of Toronto. Winter dogs and Canadian flags match much better and they work together to pull a sled through the harshest winters. Do you think a prehistoric reptile will drag a sled through cold winter and live? It will friggin DIE!!!

    Hearing Herbie Kuhn say "TOOOOORRRONTOOOOO HUSKIIIIEEEEESSS!!" does not sound so bad at all and rolls off the tongue better.

    What do you guys think?
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