I know his had a terrible season and that it was only 13 games. I just can't help but believe he can be saved. I blame BC for this. As long as this 7 foot, 250 bls, pure stroking quick forward is in a raptor uniform I will always think he can put it together. I'm one of the biggest Ed Davis supporters but his just not on the same "Talent Level" as Bargnani. Actually you could not find 5 other PF that has the "Talent" that Andrea has. I actually shed a tear thinking of how good this team could be if Bargnani could just put it together. He would actually put this team over the top. When it comes down to just pure talent and physical attribute Andrea is on a short list. I understand why Casey played him so much and never gave up on him. When just thinking of what his capable to do on any given possession. You have no choice but to put him out there. I regress.

Fuck you BC!