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I don't think you're crazy, but it probably doesn't matter. Bargs is still very talented and there is the possibility that he'll figure this all out. There is even the possibility he'll do it in a Raptors uniform. Maybe he comes off the bench and it finally makes him play hard to get back into the starting line up and he keeps that work ethic ofr the rest of his carreer. Maybe he was secretly injured early this season and was too manly too admit it. Maybe being injured finally makes him realize he only has one shot at his legacy. Maybe he finds Jesus in a hotel room and makes some better life decisions, like giving half his wealth to charities and rebounding. Maybe he goes all Space Jam and steals Amir's hustle then fights Michael Jordon with a sword. Maybe he's a unicorn.

Then again, maybe Bargnani is done in Toronto.
Wow..... this was awesome.... having a good laugh while at work! lol