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We also could've kept our 1st round pick and not bothered with Lowry either. Lillard being mentored by Calderon was and still is an enjoyable thought. At least we had all those winning-culture building victories!

With regards to the bolded, I don't entirely blame BC/DC for that. I think it's less to do with selling support players (ie: Bosh, Bargnani, DeRozan) as super-star franchise players. I think it is more marketing driven, with the need to create a 'face of the franchise' to give the team a marketable identity that fans can relate to and rally behind. Plus, in this day and age, media and fans alike would elevate a single player as 'the guy', even if the franchise itself didn't. Sports especially is all about the star player, not the franchise. It's no different than the popularity of Justin Bieber on Twitter, or the Kardashians... average people latch onto famous/hyped individuals far more than they get behind a faceless, nameless team.
hahaha easy now. Portland has L.A. who's having another All-star season, Hickson who's suprising everybody this year with his doub-doubs and Batum who's playing ok. Although cant deny that D.L. is good, but adding him to the Raps current group may not be that successful right away. I say he'd be coming off the bench behind Calderon.