So, did anyone else watch last night's game, see that block/charge that they called a double foul on Demar and Bosh, and think "wtf is up with these crazy NBA refs????"

Apart from the fact that it was a block/charge, and therefore a call that by definition cannot be a double foul, there are other issues as well.

Usually when it's a double foul, it's one ref calling a foul on 2 guys. Usually, for 2 refs to call 2 different fouls and have them both stand, it is when things happen at the same time on different parts of the court and therefore involve players not near each other or fouling each other.

When 2 refs make a call on one play, usually they choose one to stand.
-First, if they discuss it, they probably discuss how they saw it. If one guy thinks he was wrong after hearing the other view, it makes things easy.
-If both view seem legit, then they probably discuss who blew the whislte first. Yes, that's right, in officiating timing actually can trump legitimacy. If the first ref blew his whistle a split second earlier and is convinced he saw it right, he takes precedent.
-Now, if there is any doubt on legitimacy from both, the senior ref usually overrules, and same goes for timing. This again makes the call last night incomprehensible. They even went to video replay, so they probably could have checked which ref threw their arm up first to call the foul if they both thought they saw it correctly. I actually thought that's what they were looking for, the timing thing, because they both clearly thought they were right.

Sigh...another day in the most poorly officiated sports league