Toronto Raptors: C-
15-27, No. 11 in the East

The Raptors deserve two grades: one with and without Andrea Bargnani. Before their franchise forward went down with an elbow injury in December, Toronto was 4-18. Since then, the Raptors are 11-9. Even with five losses in their last six games, the quality of play and entertainment value have been up considerably. Theyíre still going nowhere, but at least itís not a total drag to watch. (In the case of Terrence Ross, it can actually be incredibly exhilarating.) The Raptors are clearly a team to watch at the trade deadline. Itís probably too ambitious to expect that they will find a sucker to take Bargnani, but they at least need to get value for Jose Calderon before he hits free agency this summer.

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