Why does it make sense for LA?
- They get to bring in a talented big man that will play in their system better than Dwight has been fitting in. There will be no spacing issues between Gasol and Bargnani because the former is a stretch 4. With a coach like D'antoni (Italian) and a PG like Steve Nash, the lakers would become a formidable offensive unit. They simply put Gasol at the 5 and play 4 out 1 in, shooters like Nash, Metta World, Bargnani, and Kobe keep the floor spaced for Gasol who is one of the most skilled big men down low.

Why it makes sense for Toronto?
- First of all lets assume that Dwight is not going to resign with us, we can sign and trade him and get something for him that way. However, if he does resign with us that is a HUGE bonus. But I am assuming he will not. The raptors get to dump Bargnani's contract, and with Dwight expiring and coming off the books, we can amnesty Kleiza and have over 15 million in free cap space next year. More than enough for us to sign a Legit star free agent in the off season (Josh Smith would be a nice fit at SF).

Any thoughts?