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Been thinking about the Lowry 'situation' today.

A big part of this falls on Casey. Last year and this year he has been all about shooters and "I need shooters" and "Get me shooters." His offense is based around a PG who delivers the ball to stationary or curling shooters. Think about all the games this year when the jump shots fail to fall. The first 30 games of the year all featured a significant stretch of time within games where the Raptors couldn't score because the jump shot wouldn't fall.... and that was all they had - sets for jump shots.

It is great Casey has his system and what he thinks best. But the job of a coach is to maximize his talent. I think he has failed at integrating Lowry in to his game plan. The desire was for more talent last season, well, Lowry is definitely a talent upgrade.

And then yet again this all comes back to Colangelo and his inability to set course on a plan. Sure he went out and got talent in Lowry but it seems clear he didn't consider what Casey is trying to do on the offensive side of the ball. I think the defensive side factored in to the thinking but unfortunately Lowry has left his D-bag in Houston. *yes, I realize the can of jokes I have just opened up*
I think you've stretched your imagination of why our team was failing and why we were taking jumpshots. I think that we have lacked inside presence, as we have no true post player who we can feed. I think that a 'motion' offense is important, and I think that having people move a lot allows for more freedom around the perimeters. This allows for more open jumpshots, which mean more jumpshots get attempted.
I think once JV gets more comfortable in the post, you will see a more balance in-out game with Casey's system.

I do agree that Casey has struggled to bring Lowry off the bench effectively, I think Calderons amazing play has deterred him from playing Lowry in consistent minutes. I think this has affected how Lowry plays when he is playing.