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Lets not go overboard with Lowry here. He's a good player but he's not in the 'great' category.

The reality is Lowry needs to find a way to deal with it. If people want to argue Lowry should start, or Lowry should see more minutes etc. thats fine, I get that. But if coming off the bench is having some effect on his ego or confidence or is in some way bothering him and effecting his performance, this team doesn't need to stroke his ego and make him feel better. He needs to find some way to suck it up and get over it.

This team doesn't need to baby sit grown men anymore.
You know I agree with the bit on some effect on his ego or confidence but let us not forget St. Jose was absolutely dreadful starting the year from the bench.

I am still a little surprised by Wolstat's 'educated guess' comment yesterday about BOTH Lowry and Calderon possibly being traded. I am starting to think that is 100% the way to go.