Toronto trade Bargs, Calderon, Kleiza, Gray
Toronto receive Jeff Green, Bradley, Metta World Peace, Steve Blake

Boston trade Pierce, Jeff Green, Bradley
Boston receive Bargs, Calderon, Gasol, 1st round pick (LAL)

LAL trade Gasol, Metta World Peace, Steve Blake
LAL receive Pierce, Gray, Kleiza

Raps Lineups

Why Toronto: We get Jeff Green and Bradley in exchange for expiring Calderon (whom we can resign in the offseason when he becomes a FA, so one year rental for the PG-depleted Rondo-less Celtics). Jeff Green will battle with Ed Davis for the starting PF position but my bet is Green will comes off the bench, playing Amir Johnson's role. Bradley is a great 2 in the making, possibly another Monta Ellis in the making. We dump Kleiza's contract and Aaron Gray for Metta World Peace, who would start at SF for this franchise for the season while we may sign an allstar caliber SF in the offseason or look through draft.

Why Boston: Boston acquire a PF in Gasol who might start at 5 for the team and provide veteran leadership for the Celtics. They also acquire Bargs who might fill in for Pierce's role at the 3 spot or comes off the bench for KG while Calderon will replace Rondo at the starting PG for the team, possibly a playoff push for the team.

Why LAL: LAL acquire Pierce who would love to pair up with Kobe to form a dynamic duo for a few years to come, together with Nash and Howard and emerging Earl Clark, the Lakers will have to do whatever they can to make a playoff push. Kleiza, perhaps will return to his former self and make a difference for the Lakers team coming off the bench. Gray will be their 3rd stringer C, possibly a good locker room guy and definitely make a good cheerleading squad for the team along with Sacre, anyone care to make an avatar already