The always highly likely four team trade:

Phoenix: Lowry, Ed Davis, Alec Burks
Lakers: Bargnani, Dudley, Bell
Utah: Dragic
Toronto: Gasol, from the Suns lower of LAL or PHX 2013 pick - no protections, Utah 2013 pick and right to swap in 2014.

Raps roll with Calderon and have a better shot at resigning him with Gasol in town. 2 first round picks.

Lakers get 3 pieces for 1 part who all fit D'Antoni/Howard better. Bargnani blah blah blah we all know. Dudley and Bell know the PHX system and are upgrades over current wing depth.

Utah gets a PG which they need. Cap space is pretty useless for them as Utah is in the same situation as Toronto when it comes to free agency.

Suns are a mess. Dragic reportedly said everyone has given up on team. Hunter reportedly like Marshall after working with him closely all season. All speculation on my part. Essentially Lowry for Dragic, Ed/Burks/Kleiza for a Dudley and 1st round pick. Maybe PHX training staff can work wonders with Linas.