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Ive watched this play more than a few times today after watching it live. My reaction is still the same. If a guy is going to hit a 30 ft jumper to win the game .. then so be it .. not a lot you can do. Sure, i buy that given where the clock was and the lack of movement / screens by the other players, you maybe should be a little tighter .. but again, he pulled up from 5 feet beyond the 3 pt line! I dont know the percentages off hand (im sure there is somewhere to track it) .. but I would guess this is a shot that even the best players in the league (Kyrie certainly fits in that bucket) hit 20% of the time. Ill take those odds ..
Fair enough.

But I personally think the talent of Kyrie Irving is being underestimated severely here and the respect he should have been given on that last play. A 2 sends the game to overtime and a 3 is game over.

But to each his own.