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Dude AA is a good defender but he made a stupid decision. He should've realized that irving was going to pull up for the 3 and closed him out and let him drive into traffic. They would've been fucked in OT had he scored the 2 points and we would've won, this one was on Casey and AA i'm sorry.
Stupid decision? Kyrie Irving is a metre away from the 3-point line, and quite frankly had damaged Toronto all night with his penetration going to the hoop. If you played Irving straight up - as good as the defender Anderson is - he would've been able to get himself to the hoop. Once the penetration starts, help side and defense starts to rotate, which means passing lanes, driving lanes, etc start to open up. It was clearly a lucky shot. Anderson played him like a good/SMART defender would. Don't reach, stayed down, and as Irving was at near release, Anderson put a hand up, adding pressure to an already very difficult, long ranged shot.

Had you made Irving drive, there's a possibility they tie for OT, get an easier/wide open jumper from the 3, a pass to a cutter in the lane, or worse, an And-1 (just as worse as being left with 00.00.07 seconds left). With that said, Cleveland would go into OT with momentum. Derozan barely getting a touch in the 2nd half, Fields was a non-factor all night. Big men would've been worn out with the extra play. Just a lose-lose situation that time. That shot was win or loss for the Raptors. Irving made it, we lost.