Midway through the season, compare Terrence Ross rookie stats versus DeMar DeRozan's rookie stats

Rookie Campaign



Both have quite similar stats, both play the guard spot while neither is a 3 that can guard big elite 3 like Lebron, Carmello, Gay, or Granger, one is a slasher (DeRozan), one is a streaky shooter (Ross). Personally, I think Ross will have a higher ceiling, given time, he could turn to a Ray Allen or Reggie Miller but plays with defense, let's just hope Ross won't hit the rookie wall in his sophomore season but who knows. When Ross plays more than 20min per game, he's contributing at a higher EFF than DeRozan in his rookie campaign so obviously, there is the ceiling, and it seems he's a lot more coachable, less frustrated, more of a calm player than DeRozan. Although, I wish both will stay with the Raptors while perhaps in a few years, these two can make some noise in the league.