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Thread: Toronto-Utah-Denver

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    Default Toronto-Utah-Denver

    Toronto Receives: Paul Millsap, Wilson Chandler
    Utah Receives: Kyle Lowry, Timofey Mozgov
    Denver Receives: Andrea Bargnani, Toronto 2nd Rounder


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    I believe it would be a reasonable trade if the players would fit in their new team.

    I seriously doubt Denver has any interest in Bargnani. They already have Gallinari who serves a role similar to Bargnani and they traded away Nene because they wanted to give Faried more minutes at the PF position. Bargnani is too expensive and too similar to Gallinari to be worth it from Denver's perspective.

    Toronto would need to resign Millsap and resolve what to do with JV, Millsap, Amir, and Ed as there are not enough minutes all of them. That problem is quite solvable in my opinion because Amir and Ed are decent to good value for their contracts.

    Utah would be happy as this would allow them to give more minutes to Favors and Kanter, and improving their PG position.

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