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barnes "shoots" better than ross. why wasn't he "born" a shooter? because he plays for the warriors? you don't think if we had of landed barnes he would be the better prospect? i'm not upset with ross. great pick, but still would have rather had barnes.
exactly. I like Ross to, but he's not the only guy in the NBA who can 'shoot'. There are tons of them... the ability to shoot should be seen as a staple from a SG, not some rarity.

And where did this 'shooters are born' stuff come from anyways? Shooting is the most common basketball skill one can improve upon. Yes elite or historic shooters like Reggie Miller or Ray Allen etc. may be born, but that same idea (players with elite abilities are born) could apply to every skill. Great passers are born, great strength is born, great ball handling is born, great shot blocking is born....