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These arguments along the lines of "we-need-this-guy or we-need-that-guy to make Lowry effective", just don't make any sense. First of all, Lowry simply isn't elite enough on offense or defense to start planning your entire roster around. You would just be repeating the exact same mistake you made with Bargs for the last 3+ years with Lowry. Secondly, I thought great players were supposed to make lesser players better, and not vice versa?
It's not the argument, it's more like a fortunate by-product of doing this very good thing for the franchise and it doesn't stop there. Adding Gay will make pretty much everyone else on the team better, except for I guess the dudes that he will replace (Fields, Kleiza, Anderson).

This is nothing like building around Bargnani. With Bargnani we had to acquire players who were fundamentally flawed in order to make up for Bargs deficiencies, which were a-plenty.

Edit: It's quite possible I'm in the wrong thread..