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    Default Tor-mem-bos

    Toronto out: Jose, Davis, Bargs, Kleiza
    Toronto in: Gay, Arthur, Jeff Green, Leandro Barbosa

    Memphis out: Gay, Arthur, Zach Randolph, Tony Wroten
    Memphis in: Jose, Davis, Pierce, Bass

    Boston out: Jeff Green, Barbosa, Pierce, Bass
    Boston in: Randolph, Wroten, Bargs, Kleiza

    Raps Lineups

    Grizz Lineups

    Celtics Lineups

    Why Raps: We get Gay, face it, Colangelo been targeting this guy since the offseason, although, he just signed a horrible contract, he's still good to go and capable of contributing 20+ ppts on any given nights. Perhaps a change of scenery, Gay will become a bonafide allstar and an elite SF in this league. With Gay pairing, DeRozan, we will for sure make some noises in the Eastern Conference, but most likely it will be next season. Arthur is a throw in so losing Davis may not seem that bad since Arthur can be a great backup PF. Bargs + Kleiza will net us a Jeff Green, who, after a heart surgery, is not quite his former self when he played for the Thunder but I believe given chances, he's still a top 15 PF in this league. Barbosa will backup Lowry for the season.

    Why Grizz: The Grizz might wanna tank or stay in the playoff but with their two franchise cornerstone players gone in Gay and Randolph, the Grizz will have to work some magic and they get Calderon, a great backup who will play alongside his Spanish teammate Marc Gasol. Ed Davis is a starter in this league and perhaps will become a 20+ppts, 10rpg type of player one day but not for the Raptors, he deserves a better team, a playoff team like the Grizzlies. What the Grizz lack is backup C for Gasol, thus bringing in Brandon Bass who could manhandle at the 5 spot even though he's a natural 4. Paul Pierce will help the young team toward a playoff direction for a few years to come.

    Why Celtics: The Celtics are looking trade anyone to make the team better, with the sudden loss of Rondo, the Celtics seem rail thin and probably will miss their chance for the playoff this year so they are looking for some retool. First, they acquire Z-Bo and Wroten in exchange for Pierce and Bass. Z-Bo will have an amazing year for the Celtics and possibly start at the 5 spot, thus KG will reform back to his natural 4 spot. Losing Pierce but gaining a 7 foot shooter isn't that bad, Bargs could sub in for KG or start at the 3 spot for the Celtics. Kleiza, a thrown in, probably will rejuvenate his career on a championship-caliber team.

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    lol Bargnani at SF. That's too good LOL

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    Quote Blacklash2k4 wrote: View Post
    lol Bargnani at SF. That's too good LOL
    Like I said before, "Cocaines a hellava drug"

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