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Thread: TOR-BOS Trade

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    Default TOR-BOS Trade

    I was playing around with ESPN's Trade Machine, trying to create decent/realistic trade scenarios with Boston, but I just can't see anything on that roster that would truly be appealing to a rebuilding Toronto team... except for Rondo.

    Here is one trade I came up with, which seems to be fair to both teams:

    - get a good, young, cheap PG in Lowry, to replace Rondo
    - DeRozan, who has long been coveted by Boston according to rumors, would become their long-term starting SG
    - Davis is a good, young, cheap PF who would be a good PF tandem with Sullinger long-term
    - Lee is a big expendable salary after the acquisition of DeRozan (DD/Terry at SG)

    - Rondo becomes the PG-of-the-future, teaming with Valanciunas & Ross to form a solid young core
    - Lee is salary/depth needed to facilitate the deal

    Toronto Depth Chart
    C: Valanciunas, Gray
    PF: Bargnani, Amir, Acy
    SF: Fields, Anderson, Kleiza
    SG: Ross, Lee, Pietrus
    PG: Rondo, Calderon, Lucas

    * As a follow-up deal, the Raptors could push hard to revisit a Bargnani/Calderon for Gasol/Duhon trade with the Lakers.

    ESPN Trade Machine:

    Toronto Depth Chart
    C: Valanciunas, Gray
    PF: Gasol, Amir, Acy
    SF: Fields, Anderson, Kleiza
    SG: Ross, Lee, Pietrus
    PG: Rondo, Duhon, Lucas
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    I like that trade. But I would not like to see Davis go at all. Unless this can happen:

    What if we can get BOTH Rondo and Gay via trades? If that's the case, I would be really to see ANYONE go. Really. Remember Boston who let go a whole lot of players including Al Jefferson and Jeff Green (he had a really high potential back then, just like Al) to get KG and Ray Allen. I mean it would be crazy. Plus Rondo and Gay are really good friends. Could you imagine build a team around them both? DAMN

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