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    Raps get:

    Kings get:

    Salaries match. Basically, we roll the dice on a couple of young bad boyz (DMC, Tyreke) with massive talent, but who got some 'issues'. We hire Stan Van Gundy or Jerry Sloan to straighten them out. Kings get 3 starters, cap relief (Jose + bird rights) + potential franchise center (JV) to replace DMC.

    We have to take Salmons bad contract to make things work, but he is a legitimate SF, so that might work for us.

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    Jonas is untouchable! He has shown that he has potential in the NBA. Cousin is an amazing talent who can easily be a 20-10 guy in the NBA, but he's too much of a headcase. Jonas can easily be a 15-10 guy or more in the future and he's a professional player in this league (like most euros), so I don't really want to gamble on Cousins. You said that we would hire SVG or Sloan to straighten them out, but they are top coaches that are hard to obtain. BTW, both SVG and Sloan have history of the inability to control their star players and getting fired as a result (SVG/Howard and Sloan/Williams). So SVG and Sloan wouldn't necessarily straighten them out.

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