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Thread: Bargnani for Gasol

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    Default Bargnani for Gasol

    It's not like I'm back with another crazy idea that has never been proposed before.
    But I'd really like to see it happen. Something like Bargnani, Kleiza and Anderson for Gasol.
    I think this trade would be amazing. A new scenario for both Bargs and Gasol.

    Pau Gasol is a star caliber player. He's a team player who can score, rebound, pass the ball and defend. His contract ends up at the end of next season.

    I think that his acquisition would make us a lock for the playoffs next season. Lowry, DeMar, Gay, Gasol, Valanciunas, Ross, Fields, Amir, Gray, Lucas, Acy and Haddadi... Don't you think it's a pretty good group to build around?

    We could bring Zubcic on the team next year to be the last forward of the bench and sign a couple FA to complete the roster.

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    I'm really torn about Gasol. I'm worried that he's on the decline. Plus, what's the point of just getting a guy for a year and a half? I think I'd rather trade for or invest in a younger PF that could grow with the rest of the team's revamped young core.

    I understand the benefit of unloading Bargnani & Kleiza, but either of them could just be amnestied if we wanted a salary dump, plus this trade would actually add another $4.5M to our cap situation.

    I aslo don't think the Lakers would do this trade. If we threw in a 1st round pick and/or enabled them to unload another bad contract (ie: Blake), or if Kleiza was expiring then maybe, but I just don't see them viewing this trade as enough of an upgrade.

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