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Thread: Wet Dream Trade

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    Default Wet Dream Trade

    1) Ok, we need to find a third team for Calderon, how about the Miami Heat

    2) I know this may sound crazy but here goes

    Toronto out: Bargs, Calderon, DeRozan, Davis, 1st round pick (2015)
    Toronto in: Gay, Arthur, CB4, Noris Cole

    Raps Lineups

    3) Gay will be a Rap before the trade deadline, that's for sure but we need a third team to take on Calderon and that's none other than the Heat who could use a backup PG, a backup SG in DeRozan behind LeBron and a starting PF in Bargs. The Heat will look good on papers since now they have two great backups in the PG and SF spot.

    4) The Raps get Gay, CB4 (he already got a ring) now it's time for him to lead the young Raps to a playoff birth and possibly a contender in the East. Let's give a big welcome for CB4.

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    There won't be a CB4 reunion in Toronto. Nor should there be.

    Not a chance Miami trades Bosh for a couple backups. Even if they did decide to trade Bosh, I'm sure they could do much better than this package.

    To my knowledge, Toronto also can't trade any 1st round picks until after 2018, until the conditional 1st round pick traded for Lowry is resolved.

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    I have to stop reading tenforthewin threads....

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