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Also I want to point out that if Casey can channel our athleticism into productive defense, we can be great defensievly.

Assuming JV can guard his position as he grows, this will be the first time since Vince that we have a team with a PG, SF and C that can potentially guard their positions. instead of having to game plan to compensate for Jose or Barg's poor defense, we can focus on actually putting pressure on the other teams defensively....

You think there's enough time to make the playoffs?? (ok now I'm going crazy....)
That is what I've been thinking about of late.

Raps D started ridiculously soft, went to pretty good, and now it is porous again. As Jack said last night, 28th in the league in oppFG% after top 10 last year.

Casey better get back to his strengths and mix up the O - and fast.