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    Miami, really? That's interesting because they have so many ball dominant players on that team already that you would think Jose would be reduced to spot up shooter duties. Still, would love to see Jose get the recognition he deserves playing on an championship calibre team.

    I wish him all the best and I'm sure there will be nights we'll miss his leadership and steady play, but I too would make the Rudy Gay trade any day of the week.
    That's exactly why Miami would do it. They need the ball to move more in the halfcourt when they get sucked into such games. Anytime they get sucked into such a situation, they basically depend entirely on LeBron to create for the team. They have a lot of pieces they don't really need, like Mike Miller and Rashard Lewis, but Jose would be a big positive influence I think, especially if he's always on the court when LeBron's not. He could clearly run the p'n'r with Bosh, and it gives them big time insurance if Wade has injuries, which he usually does even to some minor degree, because he probably handles the ball the most after LeBron.
    *Though this is where he'd go to win, not necessarily the best choice contract-wise. But if he were to take a paycut for a ring, I don't know if there is a better fit. Maybe OKC so Westbrook can slide to the SG at times. Even if they keep Martin, Jose would still be a great fit off the bench.
    **Extra note: One of the biggest spanish speaking communities in Miami. Jose could feasibly make fairly big money in local deals and appearances. And Miami would certainly know that having a spanish-speaking player can't hurt their PR.
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