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Thread: DeRozan for Afflalo

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    Default DeRozan for Afflalo

    Well, if you're gonna try to win now, you might as well keep the dealing going.

    So how about DeRozan for Afflalo? I have no idea how the specifics would work (or if they will) because of DeMar's extension, etc, but it would seem to make sense for both teams. Orlando gets a player with higher upside they can feature on the wing and who's under contract for years (plus they can say it was a positive outcome from the Howard trade), and Toronto sheds a bit of salary but gets a player that would fit a lot better with Gay on the wing and who works better as a 3rd/4th option.


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    I like it. Affalo is nothing special but his numbers have progressively gone up every season. the guy worked really hard to get where he is now.

    There was a lot of talk on the general forum on Demar's midrange game. If Casey wants to keep the raps taking them I would rather give it to Affalo. Take a look at this article :

    Midrange shots remain the least efficient scoring options in the NBA. They go in less than 40 percent of the time, and they're only worth two points. Plus, the rebounding rates from missed midrange shots are among the lowest of any spots on the floor. Regardless, the league still shoots over one-third of its shots from the midrange, so players who can score efficiently in the midrange are extremely valuable. With this in mind, in the four midrange zones above, the NBA’s best midrange shooters so far are Arron Afflalo, Chris Bosh, Chris Paul, and Ryan Anderson.

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    Like it. Here I have us getting Nicholson (solid pf) and getting rid of Kleiza.

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