When I first started watching and loving NBA ball, the Raptors didn't exist. I loved the Malone/Stockton Jazz and Hakeem's Rockets. Being Canadian, though, and a nave kid, I got excited about the Raptors, first with Mighty Mouse, and then really became a die-hard fan during the Vince Carter years. It's been 15 painful, abusive years of fandom now, and let me tell you: I'm getting out. I'm checking into a battered fan's shelter. Maybe I'll find a new team to love; right now both the Jazz and the Rockets, my first flings, seem like really great bandwagons to jump on.

All I know is, the Raptors are fucked for the foreseeable future. I can forgive some of Colangelo's mistakes. I thought O'Neal was a risky move, but one worth taking. I loved the drafting of Bargnani. I was really starting to get on board with Ross, and I was excited for JV's future. I was an extremely vocal supporter of the Fields signing. I even gave him a pass for not trading Bosh--maybe there just weren't any decent deals out there worth taking.

But I just can't forgive him the Turkoglu signing, or the Bargnani extension, or the DeRozan extension. All of those moves looked terrible at the time, were almost universally condemned (well, there were a few weirdos who thought the Turk deal, though certainly an overpayment, was a worthwhile risk to keep Bosh around), and turned out awful. And now here's another one. Nobody--but nobody--thinks this trade is a good idea. I won't even go into the reasons, because it's just so obvious.

Toronto for the next 3 years is stuck in the same position the Isaiah Thomas Knicks were in, and I'm not sticking around to take the abuse.